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Medmark Hematology Mixer, also known as the Fisher Scientific Hematology Mixer

Ideal mixer for whole blood or blood plasma samples and for maintaining suspension of reagents that readily separate.

Rock-and-roll mixing action delivers more consistently homogenous suspensions than are possible with conventional rotary or rocking mixers. Blends samples thoroughly, yet gently, without cell damage or foaming.
Includes: Line cord and plug

Fisher Scientific Hematology Mixer Design Features

  • Maximum number of vessels: 10
  • Vessel capacity: 16 x 100mm test tubes (or 20 small control vials)
  • Aluminum rotor drive mechanism with stainless-steel drive pins
  • Tough, high-impact styrene rollers
  • Rugged, diecast aluminum, enamel-coated base and motor housing
  • Low-profile design and four rubber feet add stability
  • Cleans easily

Fisher Scientific Hematology Mixer Mixing Action

  • Rotating/oscillating full axial sample rotation and slow front-to-back rocking motion at 16rpm
  • Unique agitation delicately churns and undulates the tube contents
  • Causes air bubble (extra space in tube not filled by sample) to uniformly wipe the inside tube wall, cleaning it of cells and sedimentation
  • Cells and sedimentation from the tube bottom are evenly dispersed toward the top, forming a complete, homogenous suspension
  Hermatology Mixer

Hermatology Mixer
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Fisher Scientific Hematology Mixer Operating Features

  • Safe, smooth, nonstop operation
  • Sample tubes are placed directly on the rollers and may be added or removed during operation
  • Bidirectional drive system automatically reverses the direction of the rollers if an obstruction occurs
  • Roller operation is smooth, regardless of load distribution